The Human Brain – A Dark Secret?

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Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle in "Frankenstien."ung_frank

Many of us remember the famous line from the movie Frankenstein .: “Now I know what it’s like to BE God!” uttered by Dr. Frankenstein after bring his creation to life. His monster could move, talk (kinda), walk, but keep portions of his undead brain were not functioning.  So, what exactly is so great about the human brain and what is it all about?
The human brain is not one long string, but a system of muscles and tissue about the size of two of your fists? Did you know that there are eight parts to the brain?

The parts of the brain are:
Frontal Lobes
Located at the front of the brain. (Unfortunately, the frontal lobes are prone to injury as they are they are prone to injury because they of their location. (see articles on football players and concussion injuries.))
It is in the Frontal Lobes where our ability to plan, organize, problem solve, remember (memory), impulse control, decision-making, selective attention, control behavior and emotions. (However, it is in our left Front Lobe in which speech and language play an important role.)
Parietal Lobes
Are located behind the Frontal lobes (see photo). The Parietal Lobes  processes our sensory information (touch, hot/cold, pain); tells us which way is up; and (which to me is interesting as I tend to not pay attention and bump into things) stops us  from bumping into things when we walk.  (Okay, so I am “special.” :o)
Temporal Lobes
Are located beneath the Frontal and Parietal Lobe. It is helps us recognize and process sound, understand speech, and various aspects of memory.
Occipital Lobes
Are located at the lower back of the brain. The Occipital Lobes are where we receive and process visual information, as well as helping us perceive shape and colors.
Is located beneath the Occipital Lobes and partially beneath the Parietal Lobes. The Cerebellum controls our balance, movement and coordination.
(Part II of the Human Brain – A Dark Secret? Will be the next post.)Yes, I know this whole blog might be rather boring to some, but in order for the reader to understand the subsequent blogs regarding the brain  and what happens when brain-things go wrong or incredibly right,  you/he/she need to understand the basics of the various parts of the brain.


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