A New Beginning…

Going my way?

“Who do you think made the first stone spears? The Asperger guy. If you were to get rid of all the autism genetics, there would be no more Silicon Valley.” —  Temple Grandin

This is the first of what I hope will be many writings about – The Adventures of Aspie Mom!

At the age of 55 yrs, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder aka High Functioning Aspergers and ADHD. Wonderful, I thought to myself. Wonderful in that my awkwardness in social situations, trouble with finding and maintaining friendships and my hyper-focus on things that interest me such as dogs, Cave Art and folk music (none of which is a popular item of discussion with the average person) is due to a genetic variation that makes it difficult to do so. Yay me!

Actually, it has taken me awhile to fully appreciate my “being different;” and my slightly annoying laser like focus on discovering the “why” of things. For example, in pre-calc, (I’ve gone back to college, but that is a whole other story that perhaps I will write about later) what is with the i symbol, which for some unknown reason, denotes a imaginary negative numbers. Imaginary?

Can I defend what the professor has deemed a wrong answer by telling him that my answer was not wrong, but that I used the used my own imaginary alphabetic letter (let’s say q) and that my answer is correct because I have decided it is so? Probably not.

However, regarding the officially recognized imaginary “numbers,” I am guessing that there was once a party of drunken mathematicians who decided, “Let’s screw with people’s minds and create imaginary numbers. Heh, heh, heh.”

Okay, back to my returning to college. Well, besides the joy of learning and expanding my horizon aka brain, it can be kinda depressing going back to college when you are older, much older than the majority of the students. It is even more depressing when you realize:

  1. That your instructor is the same age as your daughter.
  2. The fashion of the 60’s has never really gone. Modified peasant blouses and tight jeans. Please…..been there and done that ages ago. (However, I pray that the infamous Nehru shirt never makes a comeback.)
  3. I will never ever wear a skin tight tube-ish with ruffles top. (I have my pride, but not the figure I had in my 20s.)
  4. Finding friendships in college for oldies, at least for me, is rare. If you are older and try to be friendly to a younger man, they think you are being a cougar. Now there is nothing wrong with older women and younger men. Matter-a-fact, a 23 year old veteran liked the freedom of “being” with an older woman. No expectations other than sex. Sigghhhh…
  5. Female friends are very rare.  Be friendly to the young-uns and you come across as a mom (at least I do as I am a mom) or worse, a “person of non-interest.”
  6. Most textbooks are heavy…. really really heavy, which is great if you want to build up your shoulder and back muscles. But, if you hurt your back or have bad knees or just not strong enough, you purchase the backpack on wheels which makes a really horrific rolling noise as you walk to class (Okay, I did use that wheeled pack one quarter, and did appreciate the ease.)

That is all for now.
Take care, watch yourself and always use a napkin when eating.

About Sandra RB

A late-life diagnosed Aspie living in the PNW. Journalist, blogger, content writer, feature writer, WWU Alumni and Doggy Mom of the Mighty Chi.
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