If it is not written down, it didn’t happen

As my readers already have surmised, I am a proud member of the marvelous individual’s who were born/blessed with Autism Spectrum Disorder aka Aspergers. So, what’s new about that?  No much, but as such I have discovered the necessity of writing myself notes to remember things.

No, I am not old and forgetful, I am an Aspie and as such has so many thoughts and ideas swirling around in my brain, as well as all sorts of distractions (squirrel!) that, for myself it is necessary to write myself notes. However, there is a problem with my note taking as I am rather scattered with my notes and place them everywhere, whereas the smart and practical thing to do is to put all my notes in one place or on the wall. Unfortunately, design-wise, this does not happen as I will write on anything – post-its, index cards, or scraps of paper and stick them anywhere (on the wall near my desk, in books, in various notebooks. All in which is not good thing to do.

Now this person has the perfect way of using post-its:

Organized with an easy school planning wall.

Organized with an easy school planning wall.

Of course, she is a child and has been instructed by her teacher to be this organized. I was never instructed to do so and I fully realized that I will never, ever be this organized. It is way too practical and way to boring. However, I have discovered that using a legal-size notepad, binder and creative ways to post notes using scotch tape works for me.





About Sandra RB

A late-life diagnosed Aspie living in the PNW. Journalist, blogger, content writer, feature writer, WWU Alumni and Doggy Mom of the Mighty Chi.
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