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A late-life diagnosed Aspie living in the PNW. Journalist, blogger, content writer, feature writer, WWU Alumni and Doggy Mom of the Mighty Chi.

Asperger’s, Pandemic and Self-Isolation

The pandemic we are living through is tough on all of us. Self-isolation sucks but is necessary to slow down, maybe even stop the spread of CONVIR19. I am also uneasy about the panic that causes people to over-shop, depleting … Continue reading

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What is Aspergers?

So what exactly is Asperger’s? According to which classifies Asperger’s as a part of Autism Spectrum Disorder – ASD occurs in every racial and ethnic group, and across all socioeconomic levels. However, it seems boys are significantly more likely to … Continue reading

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Asperger’s and ADHD – What’s the difference?

I think a lot of us have felt inattentive at times at work, school or perhaps even while listening to one’s loved one recount their day. But, this type of inattentiveness is more intense and interferes… Continue reading

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Autism Spectrum Disorder and L O V E

…Her question was in essence – since she was diagnosed with Asperger’s and has a difficult time understanding people’s facial or word intonations; how, when she grows up, will she know if a man truly loves her when he asks her to marry him? Continue reading

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Be Like Bear Grylls

A Survival Guide for Life – a book for those who need a bit of “hoorah” of encouragement and pragmatic wisdom. Continue reading

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Fitting In

I believe there is nothing harder than to try and be something you are not. For example, the above photo shows a black and white kitty pretending to be a Emperor Penguin. Now the first question which comes into my admittedly not exactly standard mind is, what is a wee kitty doing in Antarctica? Continue reading

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Autism, a blessing and a curse

…There is nothing funny about the extremes children with Autism go through. As a parent with Aspergers who has a daughter with Aspergers, it makes being a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, tougher. You may doubt yourself less, but… Continue reading

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If it is not written down, it didn’t happen

…No, I am not old and forgetful, I am an Aspie and as such has so many thoughts and ideas swirling around in my brain, as well as all sorts of distractions (squirrel!) that, for myself ….. Continue reading

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The $100 Dollar Startup

For those of us over 50 finding a job is tough, no doubt about it. Sometimes it seems as if it were a job battle between the “young-uns” and the older, “season-uns,” where those with experience and knowledge in the job market get cast aside for these “up and comers.”

On the other hand…, Continue reading

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Memorial Day Tribute

…Their valor, their pain, their lives are as much as part of our nation’s fabric as my father will always be a part of me. …. Continue reading

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